| VP Senior Spokesmodels 2018 |

I am so excited to finally be able to introduce you all my Senior Spokesmodels. A couple of months ago I opened my application process & I was so blessed to have received entries. I read every single entry & choose 4 amazing people that I knew would represent my brand. Getting to know them & meeting them was just a pleasure & of course they make me feel so young because now a days I feel pretty old haha. 


I am so excited to be able to introduce you Brianna, Chris, Tenejah & Arionne! They are wonderful souls that are so mature for there age. They are so fun to be around & know how to have fun! I cannot wait for you guys to see more of them through out this journey we all take! I am so excited & ready!!!!


Brianna, Chris, Tenejah & Arionne thank you so much for believing in me & wanting to represent who I am & what I stand for! I cannot wait to get to know all of you more & create wonderful memories through out this upcoming school year!!!