| Nichole + Tony | Gender Reveal | Camp Pendleton Barn, Oceanside CA

I am so blessed to be able to be there for my friends special and big moments in life. I met Nichole, Tony and their sweet son Ryan about 2 years ago. Let me tell you they are the most humble, down to earth and fun family to be around. You just know when people like them are MEANT to be in your life and they are meant to be in mine. When Nichole messaged me about wanting a pictures done I automatically said "yes" without even thinking about it twice. But I didn't find out until later on why she wanted to take pictures. So of course I was BEYOND excited to find out that they are having a baby but most of all that they wanted me to capture then finding out the gender!!

I am not gonna lie I was so nervous because you want to live the moment but I also had a job to do. I kid you not I stopped taking photos because I was so excited and started to jump and cheer with them... Whoops! hahaha but then I was like 'Crap!' and started to photograph again. They were so excited as you can tell but nobody in this world deserves this little blessing more than they do! 

Nichole, Tony and Ryan THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart! I cannot wait to met this sweet baby girl! Also for being amazing friends to Mateo and I, we couldn't live without you guys! I love you all!