| Lilly + Eric | Engagement Session | Malibu, California

Lilly + Eric are a very relaxed couple. They way this way of making you feel like you are calm, also they are super easy to talk to. They know each other like the back of their hand, and they compliment each other so well, and the way he looks at her is just amazing. There session was in Malibu and it could not of been a better place for them, since they will be getting married next year in Mexico! Funny story is that I did Lilly’s little brother engagement session about a month ago. You might remember Laura + Adam, the youngest people I had the honor to meet and photograph. Adam is completely different from Lilly and I was so thankful to be able to meet both. Eric is a very lucky man if you haven’t noticed yet, because Lilly is just beautiful and she is going to look breathtaking on her wedding day.

Lilly + Eric thank you guys for choosing me to do your engagement photos and most of all allowing me to hang out and getting to know you guys!! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you both and especially your wedding! You both are meant for each other and there is no doubt about that! I am blessed to call you guys friends and that I was able to be part of your journey in life.



| Crystal + Daniel | Life is Good Journey to the Altar | Westlake, California

Crystal + Daniel Wedding Day

It's crazy how the world or faith sometimes works in our lives. When I started my business 3 years ago Crystal told me " you are going to be my wedding photographer" I honestly didn't believe her. I had just started and weddings wasn't my thing. Crystal and I went to high school together which made things better. Fast forward to last year when she finally messaged me and told me she was getting married and she wanted me to be her photographer. I was BEYOND excited because she had kept her word and I couldn't help but feel blessed to have someone that saw me start from the bottom and believe in me. After talking and getting to know Crystal on a personal level, I fell in love with her love story and who she is as person. Then I finally found out who the lucky guy was and its was Daniel. Oh man! Faith again brought me back to a very old friend. Daniel knew me when since I was 10 years old. We stayed friends all through middle school until I moved and he went to high school. After that I had lost contact with Daniel and thought to myself I am never going to see him again. But here we are again, I was able to share his special day with his very special and beautiful bride. 

I couldn't be happier and feel more blessed to have been there for Crystal and Daniel, and give them photographs that they will be able to look at for years to come. It amazes me how life and faith have a way on bringing old friends and new ones together again!

Crystal and Daniel I wish you both nothing but the best, because you both deserve nothing than happiness and love. I know Daniel you'll love Crystal how she deserves and she will do the same for you. I am thankful to be able to call you guys not just friends, but family! I love you both! Can't wait to capture more special moments for you guys! 



| A sweet Evening Wedding in Tallahassee|

Therline + Jerry Wedding Day

I was so blessed to have met Therline & Jerry through our sweet friend Wanda. I continued to get to know Therline through our church. It was an very exciting time for her because she was marrying Jerry which she meet through our church Restoration Place here in Tallahassee.  My excitement continued through the day even though of course the weather wanted to play with our feelings but that didn't stop us from making this day amazing! During the ceremony the sun decided to show which made the ceremony even sweeter! The day turned out to be more than we all expected & most important Therline & Jerry said their  "I do's" & were able to share it with all their love ones.

Therline & Jerry, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day & of course be your third-wheel through the whole day. I am thankful I get to give you guys memories for the rest of your lives & photos you guys can share with your children in the future. Also thank you for being so welcoming & trusting me! I wish you both nothing but the best!!!!