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Mar'leshia Maternity

When Mar'leshia contacted me I was so excited because yet again I got the pleasure of meeting a soon to be momma. Knowing that I get to meet them & become friends with them before their whole life changes, it amazes me. I am thankful because in a way I am able to tell them my story but most of all I get to hear about all their hopes, dreams & fears they have before the baby arrives. Mar'leshia is just very simple but very lovable & super friendly. She is very ready to meet her baby boy & welcome him to this world. She is beyond ready for this journey & knowing her she is going to do great! Her session was on a very unpredictable Thursday evening. Let me tell you the South weather is a whole lot of crazy. I was so scared that the weather was going to have me reschedule but I am so glad it was able to hold off just in time for us to do Mar'leshia session! I am speechless with the beauty & grace Mar'leshia has being pregnant. Makes me wonder if I was ever this beautiful when I was pregnant.

Mar'leshia I wish you nothing but the best on this new journey of yours. You got this & you know you can always call me! I cannot wait to meet sweet baby Hunter!